THE AUTHORITY CYCLE: How to design your marketing for a rapid launch, a quick boost, or long-term retention without any hard selling or gimmicks. You'll be seen as the nutrition authority for your patients. THE TRANSITION CYCLE: How to choose a technique and system for your office that allows a smooth addition or expansion of high-profit clinical nutrition programs. THE MODELS: You'll learn the four primary clinical nutrition models, see which fits your needs the best, and get a transition plan specific to you. THE SYSTEMS MODULE: Turnkey systems and a complete practice model walk-through of a modern, high-profit, clinical nutrition practice. Systems including INVENTORY CONTROL, SUPPORTIVE/WELLNESS CARE, NEW PATIENT PROGRAMS, COMMUNICATION SKILLS, and a HIGH-CONVERSION Exam/Report of findings program.

Helping to increase your results with patient outcomes through compliance and quality of care!!!!

   With George Birnbach, DC     

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